Thursday, February 16, 2012

Drinking Beer with the Obama Motorcade

On the way home from Sam's Corner grocery this evening with a $9.99 12-pack of Budweiser in my hand, I got stuck at the corner of Franklin and McAllister for ten minutes while San Francisco motorcycle cops stopped everybody from crossing Franklin Street in anticipation of President Obama's motorcade. (That's me in the red circle.) The leader of the Free World was on his way to a $35,000 a head fundraiser at The Regency Center on Van Ness and Sutter.

"Your president is going to be driving by soon, so don't cross the street!" a motorcycle cop cautioned a small group of pedestrians, and I asked, "Is he going to stop right here and have a conversation with me?" The policeman was unusually friendly and ran with it. "Yes, he's going to stop right here, and have one of those beers with you."

This turned out not to be the case, but it was a pleasant wish on the policeman's part. (Photos from my fourth-story apartment across the street by Tony Hurd.)


janinsanfran said...

Yup -- the motorcade blocked me that afternoon while on the way to pick up a few thousand petitions with signatures for death penalty repeal act at the commercial mail drop we use. I wouldn't have minded, except when I got there, it turned out it had also blocked the mail.

AphotoAday said...

Great shots TONY!