Sunday, August 28, 2011

Weather Channel Flash Update

There were many incidental pleasures watching wall-to-wall Weather Channel coverage of Hurricane Irene this weekend: the multi-colored charts and graphs and spinning weather systems, the endless cliches, and of course the absurd sight of a reporter standing outside in a hurricane telling the public that they need to hunker down at home and stay out of the dangerous open air.

The weather reporter above, stationed in Virginia Beach on Saturday, was particularly plaintive, calling it "depressing" that nobody was listening to his on-air warnings of gloom and doom, and were instead driving their cars around to look at devastation. In the middle of his diatribe a trio of young men ran behind the reporter and one of them took his pants down and flashed the live Weather Channel feed. It was stupid, brilliant and hilarious all at once.


John Marcher said...

Very funny, Mike- and your last line is the perfect description.

Abu Scooter said...

Well, Easterners did take a lot of grief for their reactions to the earthquake. Maybe the photobombing clowns were compensating?