Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Lone Star Light

The usual crowd at the Lone Star Saloon's Saturday afternoon beer bust were no longer there this last weekend, either because they were doing their laundry or they had become clean and sober, moved away, joined other scenes, or died.

The small backyard with its tall windbreak was sunny late into the afternoon which at the end of a classically San Francisco fog-ridden summer made it a lovely place to drink beer in public.

Plus, the studious bartender could not have been more pleasant.


Hudin said...

Two words: Burning Man

Otherwise known as the time when San Franciscans get San Francisco back.

sfmike said...

Dear Hudin: Good suggestion though in the case of the Lone Star on a Saturday afternoon, I'm not sure that's quite the demographic.

beartrash said...

The Lonestar is empty because the new owners fired all the bartenders that had been working there since the 90s.

They've successfully be able to alienate most of the old clientele while not drawing much of a new crowd.

It's quite an accomplishment for the Lonestar to be empty, especially given the fact that the Eagle (down the street) has been closed for months.

Other local bars, KOK, Hole in the Wall, etc have been busier though. Good for them.

sfmike said...

Dear beartrash: Thanks for the interesting update.

Kit Stolz said...

Wonderfully evocative pictures...thanks for that contemplative moment.

sfmike said...

Dear Kit: Thanks, dude.