Monday, July 18, 2011

World Cup Final in Civic Center

A fairly large crowd showed up in Civic Center at noon on Sunday for a large-screen telecast of the Women's World Cup final between Japan and the United States.

SF Rec & Park Director Phil Ginsburg did a white hetero bro handshake with District 2 Supervisor Mark Farrell above before announcing the contributors such as PG&E and Recology who had made the public telecast financially possible.

Why does Mr. Ginsburg or anybody else seem to think these contributions are free and with no strings attached? The truth is the exact opposite.

There were plenty of United States flag emblems everywhere and most people picked them to win over the tiny Japanese players.

However, the Japanese women's team had already beaten the German Valkyries in the quarterfinals which was considered an impossibility, and then beat the equally tall Amazons of the Swedish team in the semifinals.

The seesaw battle went into extra time and was finally settled by penalty kicks with the miraculous Japanese pulling out one last victory. It was a great game.


Nancy Ewart said...

I was waiting for your report on the game - best ever. My niece used to play the sport in both high school and college and she was visiting me. We were down at Civic center; I left early after supplying her with a hat, snacks and water. I was treated to a full on performance when she came home that afternoon. She was rooting for the Japanese as she has spent some time there with her church, helping survivors of the recent disasters. Amazing people, amazing game. Amazing niece (says the proud aunt).

momo said...

It was such an exciting game! and played with such heart and guts by both teams, without flopping, diving, screaming at the refs, or all of the other unsavory stuff the men get up to in the pro leagues. While I quite admire the U.S. players, I was glad the Japanese team won because it means so much to them now. A great day for women's sport, all around.

Civic Center said...

Dear Nancy and Momo: Glad you both enjoyed yourselves so thoroughly.