Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Peruvian Food Festival in Civic Center

On Sunday, the central dirt plaza in Civic Center was framed by a Peruvian food festival, the Third Annual, though the first I can remember.

The event was free and informal...

...with musicians and radio personalities singing and speechifying in Spanish onstage...

...and a couple of dozen food booths vending Peruvian comida specialties.

The food looked looked greasy and autentico...

...and their website (follow the link) has a hilariously translated description of the event:
"Festival de Comida Peruana 2011 is all about the Peruvian Cuisine and Cultural. The Festival is intended to expose everything that Peruvian to the rest. This year there where be 24 Food Vendors to better serve attendees and Exhibitors displaying Art and tapestries for Sale. Don’t Miss Out this year will be even better."

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