Thursday, July 14, 2011

Japanese Women Triumph Over Swedish Women

Another small crowd happily assembled on the packed dirt in Civic Center Plaza Wednesday morning... watch the Women's World Cup semifinal matches being held in Germany.

After the United States beat France in the first match, Japan took on Sweden.

This appeared to be a total mismatch in favor of Sweden just in terms of the players' height.

Near the end of the match, a Japanese visitor to San Francisco (above) came up to me and asked the score. "Japan 3, Sweden 1," I told him and his reaction was funny. "That's incredible. I can't believe it."

The final between the United States and Japan will be broadcast on the big screen in Civic Center at 11:30 AM this Sunday, and let's hope Rec & Park Director Phil Ginsburg (above right) figures out how to get the word out to a larger public.

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