Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Open Enrollment Agony at SFUSD

A large line of people formed early this morning in the rain for the first day of Open Enrollment at the San Francisco Unified School District headquarters.

The agonizingly slow line went down Franklin Street...

...and rounded the corner onto Fulton Street.

I asked a few people near the front of the line how long they had been waiting. "Well, it's 12:30 now and we showed up about 8:00..."

The signage explaining the process was in barely comprehensible English, so I went to the SFUSD website which wasn't much more help:
"Open Enrollment begins on June 1, 2011. At that time, any student may be assigned immediately into a school with openings that does not have any Amended Choice Requests pending for the August Placement Period. Students who receive an assignment through Open Enrollment may still opt to submit an Amended Choice request for the August Placement Period as long as it is submitted by July 8th."

From all accounts, there's no bureaucracy quite like educational bureaucracy. I hope everyone in line manages to get in.

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Sibyl said...

My grandmother, an extraordinary scholar who kept the family together during the Depression by teaching at both Stanford and San Jose State, said she knew the decline and fall of education was beginning when there started to be degrees in education administration. And it to think it culminated n Fulton Street.