Thursday, June 02, 2011

FotoTales Episode 9: Pigeons, Sea Lions, and Anthony Herrera

Episode 9 is one of my favorites of the 52 half-hour television shows documenting a year in San Francisco that I called FotoTales. You can see it online at the Bay Area Video Coalition site by clicking here or watch it on your big screen TV this evening at 7:30 PM on cable TV channel 29.

There are lots of photos of pigeons and sea lions...

...and an entertaining afternoon with my old friend Anthony Herrera above.

Anthony was a magical little character from Chicago who ended up ten years ago in an AIDS hospice in Visitacion Valley. Not for the first time, he disappeared from sight a couple of years ago, so I called the hospice this morning and found he had died earlier this year. See you in the next lifetime, Anthony, you're remembered with love by a lot of people in this one.


Matty Boy said...

Sorry to hear about Anthony. he was a great character in Episode 9.

sfmike said...

Dear Matty: He was a great character, period. I'll miss him.