Tuesday, June 21, 2011

California Indian Big Time Gathering at Yerba Buena Center

The Ohlone Indian tribe were San Francisco's natives who barely survived a diaspora 200 years ago to Carmel and then further south to the Los Angeles area.

Last Saturday, their descendants returned under the auspices of the San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival, and held a powwow at Yerba Buena Center.

There was a fire pit in the middle of the Yerba Buena Center lawn...

...with young boys and teenagers...

...dancing to the chants of an elder on a microphone.

At one point, the public was invited to join in the dancing and girls of all ages jumped into the fray.

According to a few neighbors who visited, the scene became a bit rowdier later in the evening, but in the afternoon it couldn't have been sweeter.

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