Sunday, May 08, 2011

Mama's Day in Civic Center

A 15-year-old San Francisco nonprofit called The Center for Young Women's Development held a "Mama's Day" celebration on the windswept Civic Center Plaza Saturday afternoon.

As one of their partners, the Asian Communities for Reproductive Justice website put it:
"This Mother's Day, we will be commemorating Mama’s Day: a celebration of the mothers in our lives who are often overlooked during traditional Mother’s Day conversations. In particular, we want to give love to those mamas who are immigrants, single, young, queer or low-income. We know these mamas are often at the core of our families and communities, but are often overlooked or worse — they are scapegoated by policy-makers and right-wing conservatives."

A small stage had been set up in front of City Hall where members of the program shared success stories. From the CYWD website:
"Key to CYWD's success is that it is gender specific and focused on a diverse group of young women who share very explicit experiences that are severely marginalizing and traumatic."

The other gender wasn't completely absent from the event, and in fact there was an all-male drum circle at one end of the plaza...

...right next to the kiddie slides and trampolines, which were a huge hit with children who could disappear from the troubled adult world for hours.

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