Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Gerard's Paella

My partner Tony and I were invited to a party Saturday afternoon by long-lost colleagues of his from the animation company Colossal Pictures.

The fiesta was billed as a "paella party," and it was held in our hosts' backyard in San Rafael.

To our delighted surprise, Tony's friends had done quite well for themselves during a long stint at Microsoft, so the party was lavish...

...and their Eichler-designed house was the most beautiful suburban tract home I've ever seen, filled with light.

There were loads of interesting people to talk to...

...and amazing food catered by an outfit called Gerard's Paella (that's Gerard below).

He can usually be found in the summer at the Friday street fair in Occidental but also works private parties with his monster paella pans. A whiny Yelp page complains that he's not always at the Occidental street fair and he uses too much olive oil, but all I can say is that it was the best paella I have ever eaten and if you run across him, by all means order some.

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namastenancy said...

That paella is awesome - I don't think I've EVER seen one so large or so laden with good things to eat. The pile of shrimp looks pretty amazing as well.