Thursday, June 03, 2010

Flash Poison Apple

In the Van Ness Muni Metro station this week, the widescreen, real-time map of the system wasn't working, and the screen was frozen.

The small Application Error box from Adobe Flash Player 9 was explaining that the memory could not be "read," and nobody monitoring the screens had bothered to click "OK" to terminate the program.

Was the Muni system an innocent bystander in the war between Apple Corporation and Adobe over the web animation software, "Flash"? According to Laughing Squid, a brilliant T-shirt called "Poisoned Apple" has appeared with art by a Malaysian illustrator named Lim Heng Swee, which you can buy by clicking here.


Greg said...

I took a pic of the same error at Powell last night. Flash sucks. It's crashy and many of the video players made for it are really bad, on any platform. To this day I can't watch some videos even though everything is working fine.

Civic Center said...

Dear Greg: I've hated Flash and its programming language Lingo since its Macromedia days, but still think Apple is being outrageous in not supporting it on its iPhones and iPads.

AphotoAday said...

Well, I was reading in the latest "MacLife" magazine that Apple is going with the new HTML5 which has a built-in player for SWF files. It simply uses the "video" tag instead of the chunk of code required to bring up the FlashPlayer. This is not the end of Flash, just the end of the FlashPlayer, which is O.K. by me.

Civic Center said...

Dear Donald: Thanks for the info.