Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Disco Very: The SF State of Mind

New banners with the cosmos pictured on them have gone up on poles around town proclaiming "DISCO" and "VERY" are THE SF STATE OF MIND. It took a while to realize that the two banners with the pole in between were trying to spell out "DISCOVERY."

How that is an SF State of Mind and how it relates to the cosmos, let alone to San Francisco State University, which is what it is being advertised, is a graphic design mystery. However, it will be difficult to read the word "Discovery" from this moment on without thinking "Disco Very, it's The San Francisco State of Mind."

1 comment:

AphotoAday said...

Classic example of the sign-maker's art gone wrong.
Glad (?) to see that SFSU thinks it has enough spare cash for advertising.