Thursday, April 24, 2008

Bill Selby's Bloody Birthday

All theatrical troupes that have been around for any period of time become something of a family, and that's particularly true of a group called The Thrillpeddlers who have been specializing in Grand Guignol plays in their own theater South of Market on 10th Street (click here for their site)

The social unit they seem to most resemble is The Addams Family with their relentless fascination with the macabre mixed in with what can only be described as an essential sweetness.

Their current theatrical offering is a potpourri of French horror and "blue" erotic skits preceded by none other than an American premiere of a lost 1921 Noel Coward one-act called "The Better Half" which he wrote for London's copycat Grand Guignol theatre. It's directed by "Czar of Noir" Eddie Muller (above)...

...and is nicely acted by a trio that includes the dimpled Jon Ingbretson above who looks like the perfect Coward leading man. For a nice appreciation of the evening, called "Flaming Sin," click here for Chloe Veltman's review in the SF Weekly.

Last Saturday also featured a very Addams Family event, which was a birthday party for my friend Bill Selby sandwiched in between all the horror that included cake and ice cream for the entire audience. It couldn't have been nicer.


Bill said...

Michael Dear,

Thanks for the kind words! Better than being another year older is being able to choose my bloody family! So happy you braved the cold San Francisco night to take part in the festivities!



jhegenbe said...

Happy B-day, Willy.

Heggy and the Family