Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Politiburo Election

After an hour-long class at Bill Graham Auditorium for Election Inspectors, filling us in on new wrinkles in the grotesquely baroque process that is involved in running a San Francisco precinct, we were asked to walk a few blocks to a battered set of rooms at 240 Van Ness to pick up our supplies for next Tuesday's election.

After a twenty minute wait with a mixture of ordinary folks and lunatics (rather like a Muni bus), and having the bizarre fellow below trying to sell me real estate...

...I was finally given a huge "rice bag" filled with ballots and supplies by a charming young woman dressed as a witch for Halloween.

As for advice, ignore the Chronicle and the Guardian and this week's egregious issue of SF Weekly, and check out my friend Willie's recommendations on the city propositions (click here). They are cheeky, intelligent and I agree with every one of them. As for the Mayor, District Attorney and Sheriff, none of the incumbents have any serious opposition, which gives the entire affair a feeling of late Soviet Politiburo. Kamala Harris certainly doesn't deserve another term and neither does our photo-op mayor.
My suggestion is to vote for NONE of the incumbents. It seems to be the only protest we have left to us.


Jerry Jarvis said...

This year can only be remembered as the"bottom of the barrel", for choices.

sfwillie said...

Hi Michael,

Thanks for the link. Did you notice? -- my recommendations on the props equaled h.'s except for the cop pension giveaway.

Here's a suggestion. Since you are on top of this thing, with plenty of notice beforehand, could you do a post about how to sign up for election-day work.

I might have done it this time but I never actually thought about it. This might be true of others who visit your blog.

Maybe in the upcoming primary I'll be staffing a polling place with Jerry Jarvis.

Rent Party said...

I also like the fact that the witch's bag is from Mexico (I am supposing: you can get them there but also in other points south.)