Friday, October 26, 2007

Peace or Perish

While the criminal, murderous, kleptocratic regime of Bush/Cheney continues along on its disastrous path...

...what is almost even more disturbing are the enablers such as local Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, whose only achievement since becoming Speaker of the House last year has been to humiliate local Congressman Pete Stark, who last week denounced the president's priorities and then was made to publicly apologize for telling the truth.

Then you have the great wire photo from this week of a Code Pink protester getting her made-up bloody hands next to the frighteningly evil Condoleezza Rice's helmet hair. (Check out Princess Sparkle Pony's "Flash Hairdo Alert" by clicking here.) This affronted all the conservative commenters on blogs like SFist who were miffed by "the aesthetics" of this "lack of decorum."

Meanwhile, the Bush/Cheney regime, in league with Israel and the most rabid of its supporters, are doing everything they can to start a nuclear war in Iran, whose only hope of not being attacked at the present moment is former KGB chief Vladimir Putin of Russia. The attack is certainly not being held up by any sane voices in American government.

There will be yet another anti-Iraq-War protest march on Saturday the 27th, starting at San Francisco's Civic Center and ending at Dolores Park about a half-mile away. The boring speeches start at 11AM and the actual march sometime around noon. It probably won't do any appreciable good other than standing up and being counted, but it's heartening to be with others who are similarly horrified by the international disaster we are perpetrating.


momo said...

Thank you for the pictures. We won't see them in our newspaper.

janinsanfran said...

I managed getting signs and tabloids out to several "faith-based" largely suburban contingents at Saturday's march.

What these events do in contemporary political culture is enable people who don't live in core urban areas to meet their peers and be reminded that others care. This is a good function.

Nobody listens to the speeches. :-)