Sunday, October 28, 2007

Building a Tank for Peace

A quartet of young men were hastily assembling a wooden tank on McAllister Street Saturday morning for that afternoon's anti-war protest march.

Grandmothers Against The War had decided to meet at the entrance to the Main Library, where they were planning their next move over a trash can.

From most accounts, the march was a success on its own terms, particularly the huge and spectacular "die-in" at Market and Octavia Streets. I wasn't able to join in because I was onstage at the Opera House for a "Magic Flute for Families" performance during the afternoon (see the post above).

For some wonderful photos, click here to get to Fog City Journal's account, click here to get to dozens of photo accounts at indybay, and click here for some great photos from Kurt Rogers at SFGate.

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