Friday, August 24, 2007

Defacing Federal Property

The weekly Quaker peace vigil in front of the Federal Building was joined by a group of sit-down Buddhist cultists who looked rather like gay leather dudes.

Also present, though keeping themselves somewhat separate, was the Code Pink group who had promised a "die-in action" in front of the Federal Building after the hour-long vigil.

They were joined by Grasshopper Kaplan (above)...

...the taxi driver running for San Francisco Mayor whose vehicle certainly fit the day's color scheme.

As Paul Craig Roberts, a former Reagan official and Wall Street Journal editor, writes in today's Counterpunch (click here for the whole article):
No pullout from Iraq while I'm president, declares George W. Bush. On to Iran, declares Vice President Cheney. Israel is a "peace-seeking state" that needs $30 billion of US taxpayers' money for war, declares State Department official Nicholas Burns. The Democratic Congress, if not fully behind the Iraqi war, at least no longer is in the way of it. Nor are the Democrats in the way of the Bush regime's build up for initiating war with Iran."

A woman was decorating the brutal concrete slabs around the federal building with messages in colored chalk, including the names and genders of recently murdered American soldiers which put the federal worker puffing away on a cancer stick below in a state of high indignation.

"You're defacing federal property," she yelled at the chalk woman, as if that was one of the worst and most illegal things a person could do. Meanwhile, the contempt most Americans feel for Pelosi and her fellow enablers of murderous criminality only grows with each day.

For a great series of photos and an account of the next two hours of protest, check out Luke Thomas' account on Fog City Journal by clicking here.


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