Saturday, August 18, 2007

Code Pink and Madame Pelosi

The five-year-old weekly peace vigil in front of the Federal Building on Golden Gate Avenue in San Francisco continues...

...and at the rate the so-called Democratic opposition to the Iraq and Afghan invasions are going...

...the vigil should be continuing for the next ten years.

Though I'm not a big fan of Medea Benjamin (above) and her screechy voice on megaphones, her Code Pink colleagues mostly adore her.

The group has been wildly effective at getting under the skin of our local Congressional representative and "First Female Speaker of the House" Nancy Pelosi for her stupidity, timidity and craven pandering to war-mongering neoconservatives (check out her speech to AIPAC from a couple of years ago promoting Iran as Our New Enemy).

Jan Adams at the "Happening Here" blog recently wrote a fascinating analysis of Pelosi as the perfect illustration of The Peter Principle, that old management failure concept, and I think Ms. Adams is unfortunately right on target (click here for the post).

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