Wednesday, March 14, 2007


An auto repair shop was turned into a doomed restaurant location at the corner of Van Ness and Turk a few decades ago by then-celebrity chef Jeremiah Tower, who owned Stars Restaurant around the corner. He called the huge barn "Speedo 690" and it wasn't a success.

The place went through a number of identities before becoming a Lyon's Restaurant through most of the 1990s, and then a "Noodle House," followed by a Mexican restaurant, and now the fourth Bay Area installment of a Pakistani/Indian restaurant called "Naan-N-Curry."

The food is inexpensive in contrast to most of the restaurants in the neighborhood, and it's outrageously tasty.

May it survive the doomed restaurant location and feed the Civic Center spicy food for many years.


Your driver said...

The original Naan 'n Curry, in the Tenderloin, is one of my all time fave restaurants. It was (is) pretty skanky with the walls painted a weird dark brown, but the line of Indians and Pakistanis at lunch time is a give away. They opened a place in North Beach that was almost as good. I've been very curious about the newest location. Thanx for the write up.

Anonymous said...

But do they play Indian music with their curries?

Civic Center said...

Actually, Richard, I left out one of the best features of the restaurant, which is that they play Bollywood pop full blast. It's hard not to start dancing on the way to the self-service soft drink machine.

Anonymous said...

I love your restaurant reviews.