Sunday, March 04, 2007


The usually crowded, psychotic 47 Van Ness Muni bus was unexpectedly pleasant on Friday afternoon as we watched the young man above interview a Mexican passenger in good but terribly accented Spanish.

He had joined a couple of classmates in "A project designed to bridge connections between MUNI passengers by promoting an artistic atmosphere within MUNI." Good luck, you say, but in their own way they were succeeding. Two of the artists sat across from us on the bus, and we joined in their "artistic atmosphere" by filling out a short survey ("What is your greatest fear/hope?" for instance) while being drawn on a sketchpad.

The results of their labors are going up at a blog called "COMMUNITY" which you can reach by clicking here. So, if a shy young woman hands you a list of presumptuous questions and starts drawing your likeness, do join in the fun.


Greg said...

very cool! I'll have to check out their site!

sfmike said...

Dear Greg: Well, you should since your N Judah Chronicles is on their blogroll.

Rosie said...

Hey Mike! Thank you so much for the awesome publicity/promotion! It was great getting to know you briefly on the bus, and I will definitely be checking your blog (which I added to ComMUNIty's links) for updates.

Take care!