Sunday, March 18, 2007

Mixed Race Irish

Just in time, for the safety of delicate white Irish skin, the sunny weather in San Francisco turned into grey fog and howling winds.

This allowed the annual St. Patrick's Day Parade up Market Street to Civic Center to pass without serious sunburns.

St. Patrick's Day would also not be a good day to have your house burn down, since it seems that half the fire departments in the Bay Area are in serious attendance...

...showing off their babes...

...while drinking beer and listening to live Irish bands.

Still, this is California in the 21st Century and one doesn't necessarily have to be born Irish-American to join in the tribal fun.

A few blocks away, the gay leather bar The Eagle was hosting a free corned beef and cabbage feed.

The bar was playing Irish music over the sound system, not their usual fare, but they turned it off at one point...

...when the French Louisiana fiddler Brian Godchaux pulled out his instrument and serenaded us live in the backyard.

He was stupendous and even caused one couple to break out into a spontaneous jig.

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