Friday, September 01, 2006

Minor Disasters

At the incongruously elegant Herbst Theatre in the Veterans Building this afternoon...

...there was a free, four-hour presentation to graphics professionals from Adobe Corporation called "InDesign Inside and Out."

InDesign is the page layout software that is the successor to Pagemaker, which used to be the lesser alternative to Quark Xpress, but now everybody seems to be migrating to InDesign because it's supposedly integrated so well with Adobe's other products such as Illustrator and Photoshop.

However, the presentation was awful, with unreadable PowerPoint screens and demos of arcane "Tips and Tricks" for InDesign delivered by a nice Lebanese marketing lady with an accent so thick it sounded like a bad joke. The whole thing made me want to sell off all my Adobe stock in my IRA account.

I lasted less than an hour and walked out the back door of the Veterans Building where there was another minor disaster.

Some poor Asian fellow who didn't speak English had crashed into a tiny meter maid vehicle on Franklin Street.

Nobody was hurt, but you'd think that Mayor Gavin Newsom had been run into from the overreaction that had police blocking an entire lane for a good hour.

At least there was a hunky emergency crew, and all I could think of was the blogger Beth Spotswood (click here), who is an unrestrained admirer of firemen in all their pulchritude.

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Spots said...

Thanks! That is the perfect way to describe me. I think I'll have it put on business cards...