Saturday, August 26, 2006

A Long, Weaving Road

August was an interesting month, weaving all over the place.

There was a visit from an old friend from Long Island, who works in Republican politics because it's the family profession, but is in his every essence a beach-boy leftist hippie.

I took him to the peace vigil in front of the Federal Building on Thursday afternoon...

...and he was completely amused.

There were Friday lunches at h. brown's Burrito Salon...

...where his beloved Krissy Keefer often shows up, in between campaign stops, as she tries to unseat the loathsome, war-mongering Nancy Pelosi from Congress.

Ms. Keefer has smartly honed her messages to three simple soundbites, at least according to her website (click here), and they're all inarguable: "US Out of Iraq, Impeach Bush, and Stop Global Warming." Congresswoman Pelosi has already put Bush's impeachment "off the table," she's been a hideous AIPAC war-mongering cheerleader since early in her career, and she hasn't done diddly to change the corporate structures that spell doom for the planet.

Guess who I'm voting for.

At the Lone Star Saloon on Saturdays, we told everybody about our ascension in economic status with the purchase of California real estate...

...while listening to the oracles around us.


Pedro said...

I love the 1st Photo... Summer-Aute Couture-SF 06....I can see the boys and girls lined up ...I want the cane!!!!!

Trevor Murphy said...

I agree about that first picture- never have I seen a clearer example of the adjective 'elephantine'.