Sunday, September 17, 2006

Bad Art, Bubbles, and Politicians 1

August was dull and unpopulated in San Francisco's Civic Center, with no opera, no symphony, no art openings, no ethnic cultural festivals, no politicians and no demonstrations. September has started off with a bang, however, and it's difficult to step out the front door without stumbling across some odd and interesting activity.

On Thursday the 14th there was an art opening at the San Francisco Art Commission gallery in the Veterans Building and it was mobbed.

The show was an annual juried exhibition of 26 young artists in fancy colleges like Stanford and the San Francisco Art Institute who were nominated by their professors for the $2,500 scholarship award.

$2,500 will hardly pay for a month's rent and tuition in the Bay Area, so the amount struck me as rather cheapskate.

Plus, the Murphy and Cadogan Fellowships in the Fine Arts awards are a branch of the monstrous San Francisco Foundation (click here for their website) which had assets of over $800 million in 2005 while giving out less than $20 million in "philanthropy," about 2.5%.

The crowd was young and cute but the vast majority of the art seriously sucked.

To check it out, click here for the SF Art Commission's page.

The next afternoon, at h. brown's Burrito Salon, the celebrity guest was Starchild (in the foreground), a District 8 supervisorial candidate running against the creepy Bevan Dufty. For an article on the exotic dancer/escort and some of his outrageous legal troubles with law enforcement in Fremont, click here. If I lived in the district, he'd certainly be my candidate.

Later in the afternoon in Civic Center Plaza, a group of bubble enthusiasts were having a get-together.

By bubble enthusiasts, I'm referring to soap suds, not economics.

San Francisco seems to have a niche group for just about everything...

...and to find a half-dozen people enjoying blowing bubbles with each other...

...was a happy occasion.

A few kids in the plaza felt exactly the same way.

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