Sunday, December 11, 2005

In The Land of the Peaceniks

The majority of people at the Thursday peace vigil at the Federal Building on Thursday were concerned with their four fellow religious peace workers who had recently been kidnapped in Iraq by god knows who.

There has been so much disinformation put out by the murderous, torturing criminals who are in charge of the United States and Great Britain over the last six years that it's impossible to believe just about anyone about anything.

The playwright Harold Pinter just used his Nobel Prize for Literature acceptance speech to maintain that murdering, torturing and mendacity is nothing new for the United States, particularly since World War II, and it was quite a speech.

I've seen excerpts across the blogosphere all week, but it's worth reading the indictment in full. Click here for a link.

The question is what can be done by the Unbelieving Fringe to change things in our own country.

The next day at h. brown's Burrito Salon, there was fervent political gossip galore. Some of us congratulated h. on a barn-burning column which starts off with an apology for crashing into a recent City Hall meeting roaring drunk, includes a jeremiad against Supervisor McGoldrick for destroying the homes of the parrots of Telegraph Hill, and finishes with a report card for the individual members of the Board of Supervisors which is quite a hoot.

Click here to check it out.


cedichou said...

Hey, what happened with the hayes valley commons sculpture? Drove by the other day, it's gone. Do you know if/where they moved it?

sfmike said...

Dear Ced: It was destroyed/taken down on Saturday, the 3rd, which is okay. It was always meant to be temporary and the combination of taggers and rain were eroding its beauty quickly.

cedichou said...

Mike: thanks for the info. Hadn't seen it after the rains. I thought the graffiti were cool to involve the public. But the square feels like it's missing something.

Anonymous said...

ASDF is coming soon! Don't be left behind!