Thursday, December 29, 2005

California Dreamin' on Such a Winter's Day

San Francisco has been buffeted by monsoons through most of the Christmas holidays, but there was a break in the storms on Wednesday, the 28th.

Not going anywhere for the holidays has been a complete tonic, with no stress and lots of leisure.

Plus, it's always fun to pretend to be a tourist in San Francisco...

...and take the ferry boat to Sausalito.

The excuse was to treat my friend Ellen to a 50th birthday lunch.

The view and the light...

...were extraordinary.

The 4:50 PM return trip from Sausalito to the Ferry Building...

...even featured a sunset...

...framed perfectly by that old suicide magnet itself, the Golden Gate Bridge.


Anonymous said...

thank you mike, and t, for a billowy adventure between the rainstorms, and for the beautiful sunset.

though you have not photographed me at my glamourous best*, i love you forever.

plenty icky development in the topic upon which we spoke. my reactions arriving like a series of rain storms. very creeped out. karmically problematic i know, but for the moment my thoughts are not generous. andy warhol said something about land and nature being the most beautiful (yes, that andy warhol) art. i say same for weather. nature as proto art, weather as proto emotion.

and a happy new year.


* i appear as the anti-princess sparkle pony but no, hey, wow, what a fab blog about everything that matters.

p said...

oh sf mike, indeed you are a romantic...
we just got back from austin, be greeted with this nice depressing weather.
happy new year

Sam said...

Am i allowed to say your pictures look gorgeous?

And your friend Ellen looks nowhere near 50. I thought she was about my age.

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