Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Raising of Flock

In Civic Center Plaza, a new piece of public art is being installed.

The sculpture is large and ambitious enough that it's requiring welding torches to put it together.

Looking like Caltrans workers in their bright jackets, a small army of workers... helping the artist, Michael Christian (pictured above)... reinstall "Flock," his masterpiece from the 2001 Burning Man Festival.

The sculpture is 42 feet high...

...and requires a crane for installation.

The sculpture is being installed and paid for by the Black Rock Arts Foundation...

...which could still use a few donations to pay for the installation.

You can get to their website by clicking here.

This is the same group that put up the wonderful David Best temple in the Hayes Valley which is slated to come down next month.

Their brilliant, and quite transformative idea, about public art is to make it temporary.

"Flock" is scheduled to stay in the Plaza for three months directly across from Mayor Newsom's office.

So if somebody hates it, there is the palliative that it's only temporary and will be gone soon enough.

Also adding to the ambience is the Tai-Chi group that meets from 10-10:30 every weekday...

...consisting mostly of nearby office workers.

Plus, there were protestors trying to raise consciousness on the steps of City Hall...

...about the militarization of Bolivia.

By Wednesday, the sculpture was taking its complete shape.

For more info on the sculptor, Michael Christian, click here to get to his website.

Personally, I love the sculpture and watching it being assembled has been great fun.

There is going to be an opening ceremony at 4:30 PM today, Thursday the 17th, at 4:30 PM and everyone is invited to attend.

If you can't make that affair, there is a party/picnic scheduled around the sculpture this Sunday at 1PM. Check it out.


Anonymous said...

very cool, like some kind of extinct shadow cast on all our comings and goings.

janinsanfran said...

Gotta come down from the Mission and have a look at this. I like the idea of public art that doesn't last forever. Most pieces can't hold up, which doesn't mean they were inappropriate in their time.

Anonymous said...

ASDF is coming soon! Don't be left behind!