Monday, November 21, 2005

Celebrating the Flock

There was an official dedication of the new Civic Center Plaza sculpture, "Flock" last Thursday the 17th.

The photogenic young mayor of San Francisco, Gavin Newsom, was presiding.

He was asking kids what they though the statue was, and it became very Art Linkletter "Kids Say The Darndest Things."

"A dog," said one. "Abstract art," said another.

Newsom gave a speech about how making public art "temporary" seemed to be a solution to the fractious debates over what should go up where that the city has been embroiled in over the last decade.

Larry Harvey, one of the founders of Burning Man, had given almost precisely the same speech some months ago when the David Best pagoda was unveiled in the Hayes Valley Green back in June.

It was interesting that Mr. Harvey's vision for temporary public art everywhere in the city had percolated up to those in power.

The sculptor, Michael Christian, was at the dedication...

...and he looked almost overwhelmed by all the attention.

On Sunday afternoon, there was a picnic scheduled for the Plaza around the sculpture...

...that was being presented by the sponsors, the Black Rock Arts Foundation.

The turnout wasn't very good...

...though the day couldn't have been any more perfect for an outdoor picnic.

Actually, we've had one too many "perfect" days lately in California and an unsettling feeling of "drought" is starting to gain hold in people's brains.

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Kit Stolz said...

I don't exactly why this is called "Flock"--maybe it's more obvious at the installation--but it's utterly incredible. I can see the logic for temporary art but with "Flock" I might want it to be moveable art instead.