Monday, November 21, 2005

Bye-Bye to the Blue Butts of Norma

Nothing crystallizes the essential Buddhist truth that all existence is transitory better than being in a theatrical production which has a beginning, middle and end, from rehearsal to the final performance.

And then it's over, never to return, not with the same group of people caught in the same stream of time and place.

San Francisco Opera's production of "Norma" closed tonight, on a Monday, and the house was surprisingly full with a large smattering of standees in the balcony, which is always a good sign.

For the record, the final performance was easily the best. The conductor Sara Jobin and the principal singers were finally going at a crisp pace together, and everyone was in fine voice and holding nothing back.

In my thirty something productions at the opera house as a spear carrier, I've never been in a thong before, and probably never will be again.

To say that this entire experience was amusing is a vast understatement.

I suppose it's time to go on to the next adventure and wade into the stream.


AlbGlinka said...

One might think from your photos that there were no singers in "Norma"-- just blue butts!

I was there last night, and will talk to you about the butts when I see you, but I do have to say that, in my humble opinion, Ms. Naglestad does not have the dramatic intensity to portray these roles (she also disappointed me in "Rodelinda")-- a lovely voice, but zero stage presence. The Adalgisa stole the show for me! They sang beatifully together, that was a highlight.

And that set. Yeesh! A shame the big bonfire at the end didn't burn it down.

I'm sure it was quite a memorable show for you guys...

cedichou said...

You are RIGHT, they ARE hairy. Apologies all around.

cookie jill said...

That's alot of buttage....

Sam said...

You are wonderful.
love sam.