Thursday, August 04, 2005

Peter Galbraith and Iraq

The weekly Thursday peace vigil in front of the Federal Building (noon to 1PM, join us if you're in the mood some day) was as charming as ever.

However, I was busy with a work deadline so my one-hour vigil was more like a 15-minute cameo appearance before everybody packed up the signs.

This gentleman, whose name I have regrettably forgotten, is one of the ringleaders of this group. He puts out such good energy you can almost see it radiate around him.

I bought a "New York Review of Books" the other day just because I needed something to read while having a solo lunch at Chow on Church Street, and the first article in the issue was by Peter Galbraith about Iraq. It is the ONLY great essay/article I have ever read about Iraq that actually explains what is going on, relating a complex story in clear, simple language, describing the past, present and possible future without having a lot of axes to grind. It's really fascinating. I was going to quote from it extensively but it turns out you can read it for free at the New York Review of Books website.

Click here to do just that.

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the Witch said...

A solo lunch? If only I'd known I'd have hopped on my broom...