Thursday, August 11, 2005

Cindy Sheehan's Crusade

After running into the Scary Lesbian Cop again at the corner of Market and Montgomery Streets, where she and her partner had stopped to harass a schizophrenic who was talking to voices on the stairs and who was harming nobody, I went to the weekly peace vigil in front of the Federal building on Golden Gate Avenue.

There was quite a good turnout today...

...bolstered by an East Indian tourist currently living in Detroit...

...along with a crew of Military Mothers and Cindy Sheehan supporters.

I love the fact that the militant mother who is embarrassing Dubya just outside his Crawford ranch during his five-week "vacation" is from Vacaville, which literally means "Cowtown."

She has an article today on Arianna Huffington's new blog. Though my friend Ellen Toomey absolutely despises everything about Arianna for some reason, I've always enjoyed the Callas biographer, golddigger, fag hag, right-winger morphed into wild left-winger.

A lot of her blog, called the Huffington Post is pretty inconsequential stuff written by celebrities like Deepak Chopra, but there has also been some interesting reporting and Arianna is really a good writer. Once they started allowing comments, it got even more interesting. Click here to check it out.


the Witch said...

... especially interesting to this Witch were insightful comments left by one SFMike.

Anonymous said...

oh I don't absolutley despise everything about anyone. But I do find some characteristics very annoying.

Don't even get me STARTED on Deepak Chopra! Or, maybe... Jerry Brown?! jeez.

But hey, there are lots of terrific people and lots of terrific characteristics, too. And animals. And trees and tomatoes and stuff.