Monday, August 01, 2005

Hayes Green Community Art Event

The Black Rock Arts Foundation, who commissioned the David Best pagoda/temple, decided to hold a party for the Hayes Valley neighborhood on Sunday.

They didn't overpublicize the event so there were just enough humans for good people watching without being at all claustrophobic.

On one side of the green, there was a disco bus with a DJ playing booming music that was quite amusing.

A group with "distressed" flowers...

...was assembling a beautiful flower mandala in the middle of the park.

The fabulous Sk8 Godfather was manning the outdoor sound system...

...for the roller disco skaters who were wonderful, as always.

If you couldn't skate, there were hula hoops to work off the excess energy.

The crowd was varied, with kids...

...along with beautiful young people...

...exuding an easygoing sensuality.

Old people were more than welcome, too... any garb they felt like.

At one point, a "ParticiParade" arrived on its long trek from Hippie Hill in Golden Gate Park to join the festivities.

The vibes were so charming, in fact, I proceeded to fall in love with San Francisco all over again.

It almost made me want to go to Burning Man for the first time.

The operative word there, by the way, is "almost."


the Witch said...

Ah - wonderful post Mike. Glad to see that you're back full force.

How are you feeling?

Jackson said...

Hey, the dude in the black bowler with the crazy contacts and long beard is Steven Raspa! Very nice fellow. Rumored to have the largest collection of costume gear in The City.

Sam said...

Every year I 'amost want to go to Burning Man for the first time" too.

Anonymous said...

Glad you're out and around, Mike, and I trust fully recovered. Sounds like a wonderful party.

Anonymous said...

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