Friday, October 22, 2021

Oakland Ferry Boat

Last weekend's final heatwave before blessed, longed-for autumn rains arrived was a perfect excuse for a boat ride, so we jumped on the ferry from San Francisco to Jack London Square in Oakland.
Across from us was a delightful Mission Bay couple on their way to visit breweries in Alameda.
After a lovely lunch at the outdoors, upscale, wood-fired pizza joint on the waterfront, we studied the Supply Chain situation in the Oakland harbor...
...and marveled at the gigantic U.S. Navy ship...
...named after astronaut John Glenn.
Cranes and trucks and railcars were in a constant state of motion...
...trying to make up for the disruption in trade on account of the 18-months-and-counting Covid pandemic.
This would seem to be an opportune moment to bring back more manufacturing jobs and facilities to the United States rather than cheaper locations abroad, but politics in this country is so screwed up right now that the opportunity will probably not be met.

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