Sunday, August 05, 2018

Floating to Galilee

Saturday morning, fleeing the San Francisco fog parked on the western horizon, we jumped on the Sausalito Ferry, which was more crowded than I have ever experienced.

A blooming global population all seemed to be on board, and they picked a beautiful day for a waterborne tourist jaunt.

The middle passage across the bay was choppy, windy and fun, but the minute we landed in Sausalito the temperature rose by 20 degrees.

We slipped away from the masses and walked north along the waterfront. Just past Dunphy Park, there is a small marina co-op on a slough consisting of 38 houseboats, and Saturday they were hosting Galilee Harbor Community Day.

This involved rummage sales on card tables, and a small stage for everything from a children's play to a Hawaiian music performance where the audience all brought their own instruments and ukeleled along.

Also on offer to the public were freshly cooked fish and chips, beer, and homemade pies. It was sweet and very Marin enlightened old hippie.

Best of all, they opened the gates to their marina.

A few of the boats were even offering open houses so you could take mini-tours...

...and gaze with admiration at Holiday Mansion above.

The afternoon became progressively warmer and we comfortably stood in the front of the return ferry, watching everyone ecstatic at summer weather in San Francisco after a month of fog.

On the San Francisco waterfront, we went to our secret outdoor dive and watched what looked like a soft-core porn commercial for Corona beer at the table next to us.

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Rachel said...

"Secret outdoor dive" - I will never betray your secret location!
Sounds like it was a lovely day.