Thursday, February 01, 2018

What a Day for an Auto-da-Fé

Huge buses swarmed San Francisco's Civic Center last Saturday morning, causing traffic jams to radiate throughout the city.

They were delivering people from all over California for the annual anti-abortion march that was scheduled for the anniversary of the Supreme Court's Roe v. Wade ruling 45 years ago.

I was surprised at how predominantly Catholic the event seemed to be...

...and was expecting more evangelicals.

There were priests and seminarians all over the plaza, looking happy and smug... women were lectured on what hurts them.

Frank Chu looked comparatively sane in comparison.

An all-male-leadership institution, historically enabling pedophile sexual abuse of its own parishioners, has no business dispensing moral advice, particularly to a larger public.

The saddest sign of religious brainwashing was La Virgen de Guadalupe being invoked to condemn Planned Parenthood.

It made me angry, particularly looking at the many young clerics who looked like gay closet cases, a phenomenon I've run into personally more times than I'd like to count over the decades.

Across the street the SF Public Library had closed their Larkin Street entrance because they were being swarmed by marchers who had held their pee in buses for hours. "They are overwhelming the place, and they have port-a-potties at the plaza, so why don't they use them?" a library security guard complained to me. "Don't let anymore of them in!" he yelled at a colleague on the Grove Street doorway.

Trying to find a policeman in San Francisco's Civic Center is usually a hunt for a unicorn, but they were out in huge numbers on Saturday, although they looked more interested in checking their social media accounts than paying attention to the marchers in line for port-a-potties.


janinsanfran said...

That annual event is far more Catholic than most anti-abortion agitation. It's much influenced by the RC bishops in the Central Valley who are also seriously anti-death penalty. Doubt their flocks attend to that much, but it is there in the leadership. This doesn't mesh well with anti-abortion evangelicals who are more ostensibly out for vengeance against the evil ones they see around them.

Michael Strickland said...

Dear Jan: Thanks for all that nuanced information, and from my observation it all rings true. It was hard to be angry with the mostly Mexican and Irish family groups but the priests pissed me off, and that hijacking of the Virgin of Guadalupe for a Planned Parenthood slam struck me as serious spiritual blasphemy.

Rachel said...

You know its bad when Frank Chu is the sanest person there...
(And I love Frank, a friend of mine was the first person to advertise on his sign almost twenty years ago.) said...

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