Wednesday, February 14, 2018

SF Beer Week with The Birds

After a long walk through the Dogpatch neighborhood near Potrero Hill, visiting one hipster brewery after another without actually drinking anything, we returned along the industrial waterfront and rested against this amusingly damaged signage.

Underneath the Bay Bridge, there was a sign outside a burger joint advertising "German Lager $3.50" so we ended up celebrating SF Beer Week inexpensively, outdoors on a pier.

One of the incidental pleasures of the afternoon was watching the fearless antics of various birds...

...who used the fencing as their own jungle gym.

We were joined by the smart, interesting character above and his wife Marisa who live nearby and have adopted the patio as their local pub.

It was an altogether delightful, tipsy afternoon, and even the critters seemed to be channeling Valentine's energy.

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