Monday, October 07, 2013

Purple City Hall

San Francisco's City Hall has been lit bright purple for the entire month of October by Mayor Ed Lee's administration to recognize Domestic Violence Awareness Month. This dedicated month has been around since 1981 but it's the first time in memory that City Hall has gone purple in solidarity. Mayor Lee's inquisition last year of Sheriff Mirkarimi for suspected spousal abuse was one of the few glimmering moments of purported moral superiority from his ethically challenged administration. It's surprising Lee hasn't also hung a banner from a City Hall balcony proclaiming, "Mirkarimi Is a Wife Beater, and I Still Hate Him."

Update: Mayor Lee didn't have to put up a banner. The San Francisco Chronicle did it for him today, Wednesday the 9th, in three separate articles, most of them referencing Beverly Upton who feeds at the public trough with Domestic Violence Program funds for herself and her cronies.


Namastenancy said...

I didn't realize what the purple was all about. I thought it might be a signal to aliens to come and get more tax breaks in SF.

Mirkarimi is still a political pariah:

Michael Strickland said...

Dear Nancy: Mirkarimi is still a political pariah according to the ethically bankrupt San Francisco Chronicle whose relentless series of articles last year made him out to be a cross between Jack the Ripper and Bluebeard. That shitty paper has so much to answer for over the decades.

janinsanfran said...

Damn that's a fun picture! Love how you caught this.

Mirkarimi is a bit of a blowhard, but the charges were a political smear -- the sheriffs and their well-healed friends wanted one of their own running the department. They've left us all with a damaged Sheriff -- probably not the end of the world. Don't know that we need a shiny, expensive new jail, though I know the current one is a pit.

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