Sunday, May 05, 2013

Significant Queues

The days are ticking down for the three-year closure of SFMOMA in June, while a huge addition is constructed to display the recently bequeathed Fisher Collection.

One of the final installations for the museum is Christian Marclay: The Clock, a 24-hour film consisting of clips from all of film history that reference each minute of a day in real time. It sounds like a perfect background piece for anyone's TV or computer screen, but this is High Art so one can only see it in a museum.

Signage in art museums is often hysterically funny in its solemn display of Art Speak, but the sign above seemed intentionally amusing. No "long lines" at this art museum. They feature "significant queues."


nancy namaste said...

I saw a bit of the movie during a press preview. They should title that line "significant snoozes." IMHO. I have found chunks of "The Clock" on uTube. You can watch it at home while doing something a lot more interesting than quick cuts of clocks. Still, have to give Marclay and his crew credit for their hard work - apparently the movie took 3 years to put together. Talk about watching the clock.

Patrick J. Vaz said...

I'm generally impatient with lines, but a number of years ago I realized I had stood in very long lines for two things that year: to see the Vermeer exhibit at the National Gallery in DC and to get Leontyne Price's autograph. I felt those two things set a very high standard for lines I would wait in. I now realize that those truly were "significant queues." I can walk away from anything lesser.

Hattie said...

Just looking at those tired hipsters make me feel sad. Why aren't they doing useful things, such as raising hell at the thought of cramming more stuff into jam-packed S.F?