Friday, May 24, 2013

Fire Island's Belvedere Resurrected

On Monday, there was a window of sunshine between spring rains on Long Island so we jumped on the Sayville Ferry...

...for a 30-minute trip to Fire Island.

We reserved a room at the Belvedere Guest House for Men, the fanciful wooden palace above in the village of Cherry Grove. (Click here for a history of the place.)

The place is like a gay, clothing optional Madonna Inn...

...and the "Garden Room" even has a subterranean bathroom covered with trompe l'oeil paintings.

Hurricane Sandy trashed and flooded the Belvedere last October, but the owners along with a small crew have been working seven-day weeks since last February replacing floors, wiring new electricity, painting and rebuilding.

It's a remarkable job of restoration.

Unfortunately, the forecast is for thundershowers and cold this Memorial Day Weekend, bad news for Manhattan refugees. They don't have the luck of Joe from Brooklyn above, who stays at the Belvedere before and after the major summer three-day weekends. "It's cheaper and quieter and nicer."

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Hattie said...

Very plush indeed.