Monday, April 01, 2013

Wet and Hunky Easter

I boarded a Muni bus Easter Sunday afternoon headed for the Mission District when a vigorous torrential downpour started. After a fifteen minute soaking, the rain stopped and it was possible to walk to the 2nd Floor Projects gallery on 25th Street to see a photograph of the writer Michael Nava above right that was taken as part of an art project by writer Kevin Killian above left. The show is called Eyes on the Prize, the prize in this case being a crudely drawn set of genitals that various nude men are holding in front of their real family jewels.

The gallery is actually an apartment space, and it was amusing to walk around the small hallway looking at young, old, beautiful and ugly men holding the same drawing at the same strategic place. In a room off the hallway, there was a conceptual art piece by Mariah Garnett called Encounters I May Or May Not Have Had With Peter Berlin, where 16mm film of the artist channeling the 1970s porno star was being projected around a large disco ball.

After a few minutes with the curator, Ms. Tedesco, who attempted to explain it all to me, I hiked across a steep hill to Dolores Park. The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence were holding their annual Easter celebration capped off with a Hunky Jesus Contest, which this year was canceled due to the sudden monsoon.

There were still a few straggling Jesuses at the park, including the gent above with a working electric guitar/cross in one hand and a bottle of Jim Beam in the other.

The Pilsner Inn at Church and Market about five blocks away was many revelers' sanctuary of choice during the storm...

...and the suddenly sunny backyard was filled with Easter color.


Axel Feldheim said...

I was wondering about the Hunky Jesus Contest when that impressive downpour started on Sunday. This means God disapproves, right?

Civic Center said...

Dear Axel: Or God wanted it rescheduled for some reason.