Saturday, April 06, 2013

Barneclo's Systems Mural Endures

One of the joys of Caltrain, the old-fashioned Peninsula public train system, involves slowly passing by the curved, 600-foot-long Systems mural when leaving or entering San Francisco's 4th and Townsend terminal.

The wildly ambitious mural was painted less than two years ago by Brian Barneclo, and I was curious how it would age in the elements.

The short answer is fabulously.

Barneclo's mixture of whimsy and serious commentary, along with his restrained color scheme... a provoking reflection for its hordes of commuting workers who are cogs in a larger capitalist system.

Most of them hardly notice the mural as the train goes by, wrapped up in their own mobile devices and lives, but Barneclo's gift to San Francisco always manages to brighten my mood.

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