Tuesday, March 05, 2013

San Francisco Student Artists at the Asian

Sunday at the Asian Art Museum was a mob scene with Free First Sunday admission, the Terracotta Warriors exhibit, and students from Washington High School, Hamlin School, and Presidio Middle School giving musical performances in Samsung Hall.

In one half of the ground floor lobby of the museum and along the loggia on the second floor, student artwork is being displayed as part of the SFUSD Arts Festival. The oil painting above, Hard Day, is by Declan Fitzpatrick, a senior at the Ruth Asawa School of the Arts.

Leon Xu, another senior student of teacher Phyllis Clement at Ruth Asawa, is represented by the gorgeous oil painting above entitled Moving On.

An anonymous student from Presidio Middle School is one of the featured collage artists who conjured up the Fantasy Bird above under teacher Lynn Lewis.

Jessica Yan Ruan, a senior from George Washington High School, created the striking Year of the Snake print above while studying with teacher Susan Witka.

There was a whole wall filled with Frida Kahlo portraits from the fifth grade class of Meg Sandine at New Tradition Elementary School.

From the same school, there was more Fridamania in the form of mixed media sculptures, including Frida Kahlo in Bed above by third grader Caleb Pike. The exhibit will stay up through this weekend, so check it out for free, and catch a performance in Samsung Hall while you are at it.

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