Sunday, March 11, 2012

Booboo Stewart at the Asian American Film Festival

The latest multi-culti teen sensation movie star, Booboo Stewart, showed up at the Gala Opening of the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival on Thursday evening...

...and the crowd at the Asian Art Museum party afterwards looked like they couldn't be more thrilled to be graced with his celebrity presence.

On Booboo's weird family website (click here), there's a caption that delineates his ethnic mixture which creates such fine-boned beauty: "From his mom`s side he is Japanese, Chinese, Korean and he is of Blackfoot Indian, Scottish, and Russian descent on his father`s side." He's also a budding teen rock star with a family band, not to mention a junior martial arts champion.

His real show business break is being cast in the "Twilight" movie series as Seth, one of the shirtless Northwestern Native American teenage boys who become werewolves after they hit puberty. If you haven't watched any of the "Twilight" series out of cultural snobbery or simply because you don't want to get in touch with the 15-year-old girl side of your character, I'd really like to recommend the movies. They are both so lunatic and Hollywood overproduced that they are just about perfect camp.

I was a guest of a veteran journalist at the gala party at the Asian Art Museum, and early in the event we looked at each other with the understanding, "Jesus, we're old and ancient here..." However, my friend used his hard-won wisdom to make a beeline for the best and most obscure free food and drink lines, and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

For those who like to worship power, there was a small group of admirers around San Francisco District Six Supervisor Jane Kim above, who had a scrum of Asian lesbians fluttering around her. Ms. Kim strikes me as one of the most ambitious young people I have ever seen, which is always both interesting and a little frightening.


Patrick J. Vaz said...

So that's why the museum closed early that day! Thanks once again for the ace detective work.

Nancy Ewart said...

I should send this to my sister and niece who love the Twilight Series movies/TV shows. I have never got into them but I certainly admire the beauty quotient. Booboo is a bit to young for me, even as I embrace my inner dirty old lady. But Jane Kim - oh yes, and howdy. She's an emerging powerhouse in my district and we all appreciate that.