Friday, April 22, 2011

Silicon Valley Earth Day

The landfill areas of the Redwood Shores technology park in Redwood City are unearthly beautiful right now.

The odd detail is that so few people who spend lots of time there actually experience the beauty.

We sit in front of computer screens for tens of hours at a time in mirrored window buildings, and just about everyone drives cars to work, often from ridiculously long distances.

Happy Earth Day, everyone, and may this unsustainable world change soon before it's too late. And a shoutout to Kit Stolz whose "A Change in the Wind" blog is probably the sanest and most poetic take on the natural world around us, particularly in California.


Jon said...

Thanks to you I'm a big Kit Stoltz fan.

Kit Stolz said...

Thanks Mike! I love your site, and your sanity too...