Thursday, April 21, 2011

Episode 3 of FotoTales

Episode 3 of FotoTales will be broadcast in about 15 minutes at 7:30 PM on San Francisco's Comcast cable TV channel 29. What's cooler is that it's going to be livestreamed over the internet from the Bay Area Video Coalition website. Click here to get there.

This episode involves a bad performance of Haydn's "The Creation" at the San Francisco Symphony, the Cherry Blossom Festival parade, a Giants game at the brand-new Pac Bell Park, and a showing of the Maria Montez camp classic "Cobra Woman" as part of the San Francisco International Film Festival. This was all ten years ago, by the way, but time has a way of recycling.

When the episode is archived, I'll post an updated link.

Update: They're playing the wrong episode, #5 instead of #3. It's not that complicated, but getting the series broadcast correctly seems to be beyond BAVC's abilities at this particular moment.

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