Wednesday, September 08, 2010

San Francisco Symphony Gala 2: Local Celebrities

The press contingent was beautifully wined and dined by the Symphony. The mixture of competitive print, internet, and TV cultural journalists, such as Don Sanchez and Jan Wahl above, also proved to be amusing.

I was seated in the front row of the First Tier, which turned out to be a perfect place to watch the political and economic elite of San Francisco in their private Loge zone, including the ineffable Dede Wilsey.

She looked thrilled to be in her element.

Mayor Gavin Newsom (above) was in attendance, surrounded by admirers when he wasn't accompanying his pretty, very thin wife, Jennifer.

Sitting next to me was a smart, entertaining young woman (above). After being asked her thoughts on Gavin, she replied, "I worked on his first campaign, was one of the fundamental people, but..." and then she stopped diplomatically. "It would be hard for anyone to govern right now."

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