Wednesday, September 08, 2010

San Francisco Symphony Gala 1: The Fall Season

The San Francisco Symphony in Davies Hall hosted the official opening of Society's fall season with a couple of French orchestral bon-bons framing Jessye Norman in the middle.

Society, meaning the wealthier citizens of San Francisco connected by marriage, schools, and dynastic family fortunes, is presumably returning from a summer in Lake Tahoe or Napa Valley or Pajaro Dunes and this is their getting back together party.

Opening night at the San Francisco Opera, which traditionally takes place on the Friday after Labor Day, was for decades the official beginning of the Society Season. However, the San Francisco Symphony has been competing for that honor ever since Davies Hall opened 30 years ago, and tends to have their opening gala a few weekdays before the Opera company's Friday.

The all-evening parties in City Hall, a tent, and the Davies Hall lobby are fun, and orchestra musicians such as Robin Sutherland (above middle) might even join you.

There's also more than a hint of a "Real Housewives of San Francisco" vibe that's hard to ignore.


AphotoAday said...

Lord, lord, lord...
That last photo...

Matty Boy said...

What APhotoAday said.

Texting > Fur coat > champagne.

The values of today's youth.