Monday, May 03, 2010

Michael Nava at Catharine Clark Gallery

The Catharine Clark Gallery in Minna alley next door to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art was hosting a fundraiser Friday evening for Michael Nava's Superior Court Judge campaign, which is coming into the home stretch for the June 8th election.

Arriving late, there was still a lively group of stragglers, including (left to right above) the newly published graphic novelist Stefan Salinas, the very genial campaign manager Bryan Terhune, and ubiquitous Supervisor 8 candidate Rafael Mandelman.

Michael was posing with friends and supporters, such as Donal Godfrey (above left)...

...while the lawyer David Waggoner wandered among the art and flower arrangements.

The event was something of a family affair, with Nava's legally married spouse George Herzog (above) helping to clean up the party, joined by his Berkeley cousin Judy Herrmann (below).

Catharine Clark (below left) has been in the art business in San Francisco for the last twenty years, in the Hayes Valley, then 49 Geary and now in her Minna Alley gallery, where she represents Andy Diaz Hope and Masami Teraoka, among others.

After thanking Catharine for her hospitality, I confessed that the world possibly needed Michael Nava more as a writer than as a judge, and Catharine replied, "Maybe the world would be a better place if artists spent some time in public service."


janinsanfran said...

I see Nava got the Bay Guardian endorsement. Hope this helps.

sfmike said...

Dear Jan: Nava's basically gotten every Democratic party endorsement out there. By runnning against a sitting, recently appointed Republican judge, he made himself a pariah within the local judiciary where he actually works, but a hero to the local political establishment. Nava's a very strong, determined character and I think he might win.