Monday, December 14, 2009

Mexicanos y La Virgen de Guadalupe

It's odd how little coverage of any sort the parade from the Mission to the St. Mary's Cathedral on Saturday received.

I'm assuming St. Mary Maytag was the destination of the huge procession but am not actually sure.

I stumbled into the group on the way to breakfast and pulled out a camera which occasioned a few seriously scary looks from some of the male participants.

The women all seemed to understand that I was harmless and loved the Virgin of Guadalupe, along with every story associated with her myth.

American Catholic culture right now is disgusting and reactionary, fighting ugly political battles over health care, gays, and abortion that are all about the church's power to pontificate on those subjects even though they are demonstrably on the wrong side of Jesus' conception of love.

As despicable as the Church is with its current Nazi pope and horrible politics, I must admit that the mixture of Mexican Indios and Catholicism is one of the most potent cultural blends in the history of the world.

It is a culture waiting to be unleashed and discovered.


Jon said...

Santa Rosa's march was 10 miles overnight in the rain. They started at St. Rose Church and walked through the night to a church in Windsor.

AphotoAday said...

Great coverage... Well told... Especially the last line...

Rubi said...

Yes, it is an absolute mystery to me how events such as these take place with the "mainstream" culture not even knowing, unaware. Even our own Catholic newspapers fail to cover these stories. And when they do, it's almost always in a token fashion. Thanks for posting. Thank you for your comments throughout the article. And thanks for the pictures. They are great!

TsuXi said...

With the how much the "Virgen Guadalupe" means to such a large population within San Francisco, I am disappointed in how little is actually reported in our wonderful mainstream medias of television and radio news reports. People who are devoted and faithful Catholics should join in because she is our Virgin Mary. It is the same person. Holy Mary, Mother of God.